5 Characteristics Of A Well-Written Research Paper

Do you have to write a major research paper? You feel like you don't know where to start and you don't know what to include and what not? Don't worry. You are not alone. Many students struggle with it and ask those questions. You should know that there is a way that can help you to avoid the stress and get a pretty good result. We decided to help with that, so here are 5 characteristics of a well-written research paper, that will guarantee a good grade.

  1. A brief description of the scientific area of the research topic
  2. You should mention the findings of other authors and describe the scientific area so that the reader can understand it. Give some background and make a base for your paper. Explain the important terms and other things that are relevant. Make sure to give an explanation for every part that is not usual or mention often. You have to be clear when it comes to that part.

  3. The problem
  4. You should ask a question or talk about a problem which you are about to analyze and support by facts and evidence.The goal of your work is to really help the reader to understand the problem and to understand what you would do to find a solution for it. Work on this part and do your research. Use the internet, books, library or ask people who have experience in this field.

  5. Materials and Methods
  6. You should describe the materials and methods used in your paper. It is also important to have that included, because you want to make sure that the reader understands it and what you want to do.

  7. Results:
  8. When you have collected the data, you should write about it. Describe the illustrations and attachments (pictures, tables, graphs and so on.). All illustrations and contributions should be numbered and described (optional text above the table or below the chart). Make sure to have that and you will definitely make it clear to the reader.You should also have an opinion on the results and leave it for the conclusion in order to show your point of view. Use clear and precise sentences in order to make it easier for the reader to understand what you are saying. Be careful with the details and avoid things that are not relevant for the topic.

  9. Findings and discussion
  10. Make a comparison of the results with the results of others or from the literature. Explain the similarities and differences and highlight the particularities of the results.Based on the results, you can discuss the findings and state your opinion about them. You should really analyze and support it by evidence to make it realistic and reliable. Don't forget the abstract where you will provide full content of the paper expressed in only a few sentences without giving literature, illustrations and contributions.Make sure to include references, where you will put the list of works by authors who are mentioned in the work. Those are all important things for the research paper, because you have to make sure that you used reliable sources and that you didn't copy anything. Use it for support but nothing else. This way, you will be more convincing.

Talk to the professor if you don't understand the assignment, because that way, you will make sure to get it right and to get a good grade for your work.